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Toronto doctor asks Health Canada about pregnancy drug

When it comes to transparency around prescription drugs, the Star has found drug companies in Canada have influence over what information can be released to the public. A Toronto doctor’s request resulted in 212 of 359 pages being completely censored. Dr. Nav Persaud Andrew Francis Wallace/Toronto Star "It is absurd that the pharmaceutical company that sells Diclectin gets to negotiate in secret with Health Canada about what information will be disclosed to a prescribing doctor,” says Toronto doctor Nav Persaud. OurWindsor.Ca By David Bruser, Jesse McLean, Rachel Mendleson The pregnant patient sitting in Dr. Nav Persaud’s downtown Toronto clinic had questions about a routine prescription. He gave a quick, reassuring answer, but after she left, Persaud wondered if he really knew enough about the drug. A few weeks later, he asked Health Canada for all of the information it had on Diclectin, a popular pill taken for morning sickness endorsed by Sick Kids’ Motherisk and another medical organization. The information, he thought, could help him…

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Ayurveda: Pregnancy

Pregnancy and the Doshas The pregnant woman is referred to as the garbhini in Sanskrit. Therefore, the care of the pregnant woman is stated as garbhini paricharya. There are many recommendations that she should follow during this time that are fairly consistent from woman to woman. For instance, although there are cases where a woman might need to restrict her diet based on her prakriti, constitution, or vikruti, current state of imbalance, for the most part in pregnancy, it is advised to include dravyas, or substances, that might be avoided otherwise, due to the constitutional makeup of the growing baby. Pregnancy is a very delicate and unique situation, because it is one in which all of the doshas are being increased in the body under normal circumstances. The doshas are made up of two different elements, or mahabhutas, found in nature. The combined quality of air and ether compose vata dosha, the energy created by fire and water is pitta dosha, and it is that…

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Ayurveda: Before Conceiving

Introduction Pregnancy is one of the most dynamic, challenging, and rewarding times that a woman will experience in her life. She will certainly come to face some very interesting changes that she couldn't even perceive possible, emotionally, physically and spiritually. It is imperative during this time that she has adequate support and knowledge to sustain her well-being throughout pregnancy, childhood and beyond. The ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, based on the patterns and energy found in nature, provides a complete system of support that will guide a pregnant woman with care and confidence through this amazing time. Sankya Philosophy Within a seed, the intelligence of the entire plant resides. In a nourishing environment, a single pit of a peach grows a ten foot tree. Purusha, or pure consciousness is represented by this dormant seed, unmanifested but with endless potential. The first step of creation is referred to as prakriti, also the word used to describe an individual's constitution that is set at birth. Mahat describes the…

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A Teen Pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy is a social issue that requires your understanding and support for the individuals involved in it. Once a teenager got pregnant,…

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A Shadow over Your Pregnancy

How Pre-existing Health Conditions Can Affect You and Your Baby One of the most important things for a woman to ensure while she…

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A Menopause Pregnancy

A Menopause Pregnancy - Seriously never thought it Was Possible Menopause pregnancy. Can it happen? Does it happen? What happens when it happens?…

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