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Are You Pregnant?

The Earliest Pregnancy Signs In some cases, a woman’s intuition; that indefinable thing, May possibly the first thing that alerts a woman to the fact that she is pregnant that unshakable feeling that something is changing and burgeoning within her. But other than this inexpressible feeling, there are other signs and symptoms of pregnancy that may appear very early on, such as: Though missing a period is probably the first definitive sign of a pregnancy, some of the symptoms of pregnancy are ironically a little bit like a period. For instance breast tenderness is one of the very early signs of a pregnancy. They may feel swollen and sensitive, even painful rather like some women experience before the start of their monthly period. A slight amount of vaginal bleeding or light spotting is seen at the time of implantation of the embryo. This is when the fertilized egg implants into the wall of the uterus and starts to grow and this is also among the…

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Are Pregnancy Tests Always Accurate

When you feel the first symptoms of pregnancy, you naturally head to the drug store to find a good pregnancy test. Have you ever wondered how they work? Over-the-counter pregnancy tests look for the presence of the "pregnancy hormone" in your urine. The test you receive later in your doctor's office looks for the same hormone in your blood. The hormone is called human chorionic gonadotropin, or hCG for short. This hormone begins to build up just a few days after the fertilized egg is implanted in your uterine wall. The hCG will cause your placenta to produce progesterone after the implantation of the embryo, which is necessary to prevent the embryo's rejection. Because it takes time for the hormone to build up to detectable levels, most over-the-counter pregnancy tests work best when taken a few days or a week after your missed period. Some brands claim to be accurate sooner, but all women ovulate at different times of their cycles, so this may or…

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Ovarian Cysts during Pregnancy

Contrary to common belief, ovarian cysts during pregnancy pose no major health problems to women. The fact is of the matter is, it…

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Asthma during Pregnancy

Asthma during Pregnancy Does Not Have To Be a Problem for Your Baby Why Is Asthma Dangerous? Asthma is a condition where the…

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