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Ayurveda: Herbal Preparations

Assorted basil herbsThere are many Ayurvedic preparations that are helpful to the proper development of the fetus for a normal pregnancy and delivery. However, most of the recommended formulas are not available in the United States, and it is difficult in most areas of this country to find a practitioner who is familiar with Ayurvedic prenatal herbs. Many women do not need to take anything in addition to a wholesome diet, however, depending on the individual, many herbs can be very helpful. From the onset of pregnancy, ashwaganda, shatavari, and amalaki can be taken. This is the most widely recommended herbal support during pregnancy. These herbs will help to prevent anemia, high blood pressure, fatigue, low immunity and prenatal complications. Starting in the sixth month, gokshuru and jatamansi can be also be taken (4, pg. 14). These herbs are taken in the form of powder. Specific doses should be discussed with an Ayurvedic practitioner, and care should always be taken when administering any substance in pregnancy.

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