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A Guide on Tummy Tuck After Pregnancy

For women across the world, pregnancy is considered to be one of the most beautiful experiences they have ever conceived of. However, pregnancy leaves some body changes even after your child is born. These body changes, such as a sagging abdomen, affect your body image and persona. Unfortunately, diet restrictions and exercise cannot rectify these developments fully. It is important for mothers and would-be-mothers to know about the changes the body experiences during pregnancy and the role cosmetic surgery can play in restoring the body’s shape after childbirth. This is what this article is all about.

Changes to your figure during pregnancy

There are a lot of physical, mental, hormonal, and metabolic changes that your body experiences during pregnancy. During pregnancy, subcutaneous fat accumulates in the waist and hips in preparation for childbirth. We know that would-be-mothers consume much more food during pregnancy and as a result gain weight. The abdominal region experiences significant changes. Stomach muscles lose their tone after pregnancy. Both stomach muscles and skin get stretched to accommodate the foetus. After delivery, these do not shrink fully and gives odd shape to your figure.

Tummy Tuck surgery can revive your figure

Unfortunately, no amount of sit-ups and dietary restrictions are going to correct loose abdominal muscles and skin fully. Tummy tuck cosmetic surgery, medically termed abdominoplasty, can help in reviving your figure to the pre-pregnancy period. Abdominoplasty repositions the abdominal muscles and removes excess skin. The appearance of belly button also improves.

During pregnancy, stretch marks occur in your abdomen. At the outset, these stretch marks appear pink and they later turn into white. Though creams are available to deal with them, the most dependable way to get rid of them is to include them as part of the skin removal process during the tummy tuck surgery.

However, there is a caveat. Those of you who are planning future pregnancies should avoid the tummy tuck surgery. After you have decided that you are done with having babies, you can safely think about the tummy tuck surgery.

The Tummy Tuck operation process

During the tummy tuck or Abdominoplasty operation, the skin is lifted off the abdomen starting from just about the groin. The skin lifting process goes up to the vicinity of the rib cage. The skin is pulled down and the excess part is severed. The remaining skin is sewn back to the original place. The stretched-out muscles are also tucked together to tone up your abdomen.

Abdominoplasty can be of two types – Complete and Partial. The latter is also known as a mini-tuck.

During Complete Abdominoplasty, an incision is made from hip to hip just above your public abdominal region. Another incision is then made to free the belly button from the surrounding skin. The skin is then dethatched from the abdominal wall. The muscles are tightened with sutures. The excess skin and fat are removed. The belly button is brought out through a new hole and sutured into place at the end. During the post-operative stage you will require periodic dressing and at times the application of compression garment. The excess fluid is also drained out.

In the mini tummy tuck procedure, the skin and fat from the lower abdominal region are detached in a more limited fashion from the muscles. A portion of the abdominal wall is also tightened. As it can be easily imagined, mini tummy tuck requires much lesser time.

Get in touch with an expert cosmetic surgeon and she/he will be able to dispel all your fears and hesitations.


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